I have to go to work

But I’m addicted to my blog

I’m trying, really

Not to write

But my brain

Just won’t switch off

Everytime I try

And drag myself out of my bed

A little note or idea

Pings and pops

Into my head

2 hours late already

What will I tell my boss?

I guess it wouldn’t be a lie

If I told him I was lost

Lost within the words

That I try to fight

But you see it’s futile

For I’m happy when I write

Even when I’m angry

It makes me feel at ease

So I guess it’s a small price to pay

For these moments of peace

I don’t really have to go

It’ll be £60 fine

Now the choice is weighing up

The value of my time

Now I  know my words are worthy

Of a whole lot more

That’s why I need a sponsor

So I create and explore

All else is distraction

Now I AM pissed off

I just don’t have £60 to burn

So I’m afraid that I must stop

Paid of the end, from pennies to pound, got to keep it tucked away from the taxes around 🙂