It’s 2:30 am

Why the hell do I need to smoke at this time of night?

I drove past 3 shops on the way home and I really thought I was being clever not getting a pack.

Who was I kidding, really?


As much as I could just write all night, it’ll be so much easier with a few fags?

Do you know how bad it is. I took cigarette butts out of my ashtray and the only reason I didn’t do what I needed to do, cos I didn’t have rizla.

So I must go.

Or I could just sit here and think about it and then be angry about not going earlier, not going now, and then wonder why everything I write sounds so angry.

I’m gone.

Need a fag break I think.

Ok. I’m back. Quite interesting journey that was as I took out some of my aggression by driving on the wrong side of the road, to get to the shop quicker.  Dangerous?  Well we’re all still alive. At least I found it amusing  🙂