This poem was written for a particular person.  I have absolutely no concerns naming and shaming people, however due to the threatening nature of the content (for entertainment purposes of course).  I don’t think it’s wise that I mention any names.  For my own safety.  So remember, however familiar this sounds to any of my exes, I am NOT talking about YOU.

I want to rip your heart out

And feed it to your dog

And watch

Your little bitch

Feast on your failure

How dare you disrespect me?

You ignorant shit

But here’s my best wishes

To you and that slut

I gave you some good times

And when we hit bad

You couldn’t be bothered

So you just give up??

I mean I stood by

Supported you through your court case

What other woman

Would do that

You were on trial for rape!?

And now you’ve taken

More than if you’d forced in your dick

I said I’d make you pay

Now, know that I mean it

I’m plotting and planning

A horror so great

You will never

Forget or repeat your mistake

Don’t bite the hand

That’s fed you

Or know if you do

That bleeding hand

Will be coming after you

I’m patient and waiting

Til you won’t expect

You thought that you knew me

You aint seen nothing yet