Work was so shit

I made no money

How does that work

Oh yeah

I’m a stripper

It seems so glamorous

Yeah we make so much

But nobody’s there

When it’s empty and dead

We still have to pay

To talk to the furniture

Isn’t that just

Fucked up in the head!

So drunk he could hardly stand

One of the customers

Put up his hand

To dismiss me

Yeah the few

That slowly trickled in

So I tripped him up (accidentally)

Helping him finish his drink

And the heel of my shoe

Got lost in the area around his flies I think

I know it must have hit the balls

By the way that he cried

Like a bitch?

Nah, when a bitch cries

She’s still in control

Just like when I consoled him

‘Oh my God, so sorry, oh no!?

‘Are you ok, I said, hiding my smile

He didn’t respond

So I said

Ok, see you in a while

That got out some of my anger

Pissed I’m still broke

But I guess there’s tomorrow

There’s always hope