I can’t feel my face

And it’s not funny

I’m driving

Am I actually going straight?

I mean it’s not a joke

How did I even get in the car

Vomiting out the window


It’s disgusting

Bet it’s all over the flipping door

If I get pulled over

That’s it

I’m done for

Completely irresponsible

I know

And all because

I just HAD to get home

Why didn’t I just wait for him

To pick me up


Hold on a minute

Is that an oncoming truck>?

Oh Fck……..


….. Ok so somehow I did get home

Only God knows how

Next time I’ll get a cab I think

My brother was reading says I’m leaving him hanging

But I’m suffering a hangover

My head is still banging

So unless I see comments

And I see you subscribe

I guess, the rest will wait

Til next time…


I'm hoping I don't see you there, but I guess I'd be dead, so I wouldn't care