It  is so frustrating trying to shop in the sales.  Everyone looks so robotic to me.  I mean the majority of these people spent most of their money, before Christmas and then decide to max out their credit cards even more to buy the same stuff now, but just half price, as if that makes sense.

It was really funny, yesterday I had to get a cable for my pc and their was literally a queue in the parking lot to get in, after waiting for 10 mins and wanting to tear my hair out, I drove straight into the first available piece of pavement.

I smiled smugly, enjoying the looks of envy I got from the sheep, patiently waiting to fit into their allocated ‘parking pens’.  ‘ baa if only I’d have thought of that first’ looks in their glossy eyes.

Yes it is good to be a leader, and who would bother to give me a ticket, after all ‘it’s christmas’ lol.

So yeah that was fun, job done, and I was in and out within seconds. Result!

Also I’m loving gumtree right now,  always good, but especially around this time of year, people are selling lots of unwanted gifts, which beats the sale, ‘cos their strapped for cash, and will almost always accept between 20-50% off their asking price. 🙂

So for those in the buy and sell trade, remember I told you about that little nugget.  And in case you don’t know is great for everything p.c.s, laptops, computer parts, cameras, game consoles, clothes, household stuff, as well as services like massage, personal training and psychics 🙂

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