I wrote this piece today, inspired by a blog post written by her guilty pleasures. I’ve left a link to her site, for you to see it for yourself.  Enjoy 🙂

Why should you feel guilty

Be it pleasure

Be it pain

I read your dying heart

And I felt just the same

Not crazy as they think

For if it’s true

Then so am I

Questioned for my ignorance

Like why I wish to die

But then

If there is nothing to live for

Is it such a loss?

The only reason I didn’t try

I was afraid of costs

Since I didn’t create myself

I could not just take my life

Not because I had a thought

That it wasn’t right

I dared the spirit to kill me

The one that created me

Yet I’m still here

So there’s a challenge

Just to see

The wonders and the riches

The value I could bring

And if I could change the past

I would not change one thing

For I recognised

I am perfect

And you know what

So are you

You have access to everything

Just believe it’s true

And I hope that when you read this

You will let you’re emotions free

Happy, angry, sad

However you choose to be

Let it out

Don’t keep it in

Shout, then smile, then scream

Cry and laugh, sing then dance

See just what I mean

Be yourself

Nothing else

And this year will be grand

The past was there

Just to prepare

It’s all part of the plan