I rant on my site

But I thought it’d be fun

A central place


For ‘everyone’

But it’s not mine

So I’m told

I must watch my tongue

So now I ‘should’ conform

Before we’ve begun?

Oh I wonder how long

This Restriction will last

Will this ever be published

Or am I  ‘supposed’ 2 ask?

Cos one could argue

The name of my website offends

So do I say what’s really bugging me

Or do I just pretend?

Of course I wont be surprised

If this post wont see the light of day

On this inclusive site

That’s why I put it here anyway

I mean if it’s supposed to be a ‘rant’

Is it really for kids?

I wonder what the purpose of this ‘rant’ site really is?

I guess it’s like being ‘free’ to roam in a cage

Well I guess


If you’re so concerned with what I say

It’s not a matter of whether

I wish to contribute

It’s whether people

Are afraid of the bitter honest truth