Remembering my school days, I was mentally reviewing the comments the teachers made about me, ‘ Melody has potential, however, she tends to be a distraction to the other, students in the class, and she has problems dealing with authority’ 





Is not for education

Unless it’s teaching you how to

Be everything and anything

Except what is really you

So I leave it for the wise

To call me a fool

For I don’t have a phd


In fact it’s surprising

I even made the ‘effort’

To sit through the gcse


Call myself a writer?

Yet I can’t even spell

They’d call me dyslexic I’m sure

But one thing on my side

I do remember

I really have been here before

I’m bored now

It’s just too easy

Watching the same old clip

You’ve clocked the game

Watched the replay

And then you’re like

Oh, is that it!?


Just like they said, on those school reports

I hate it when they dictate

So instead I choose to not just stand by

I take life, I play and create

The life of my dreams

Through different means

It’s all part of the plan

But of course when I share

Would you really care?

Or maybe just misunderstand


So I share a bit

And journal the rest

And let you have that when I’m dead

You can do what you will

My part I fulfil

And watch how the words that I’ve said

Will come to pass

Believe it or not

This crazy bitch she wasn’t ‘wrong’

But like with Noahs’ ark

Don’t be left in the dark

Maybe you waited too long


And as much as I love

I will not feel guilt

Watching you all washed away

For mother nature I serve

I know she is hurt

I wish that she would cleanse today


Ridding the world

 Of her parasites

Wishing to bleed her to death

They use her resources

Sucking her dry

Until there is nothing left


If that wasn’t enough

They don’t give a fuck

Denying her spirit exists

All her painful cries

And her mournful sighs

Are dutifully dismissed


So I’ll look from afar

The all seeing star

With the faith

That the new world will learn

It’s your time to come back

I’m tired off that

Come on then shine now

Your turn


It’s all gone a bit off track

School was the subject

So we’ll stick with that

Bored of the English

The science the math

The fiction positioned

And taught as fact


The teachers were tired

The kids were too hyped

We bullied each other

How we did fight


Got fat off school dinners

But hey, they were free

I forgot how great

School life could be


Loving the experience

I’m so eager to share

I definitely WILL  be

Sending my children there


… be continued