I serve her

Because she nourishes me

 god help me

If she punishes me

For her wrath is great

Hence the tornados

Storms and earthquakes

That occur unnaturally

Cos the human race


Just don’t know

Or wish to understand

That you reap what you sow

So they take


And try to keep

For themselves

And they pray

On Sundays

So they wont go to hell

Yet the hell in their lifes

Is something that they bear

Cos they believe in heaven

And can’t wait to get there

And when these people die

They will realise too late

That they’ll have to try again

For they made a grave mistake

Heaven is now

So build the paradise

Mother nature

Responds so well

When her children are nice

Blessing them with

Bounty, flowers

Veg and fruit

So why not

Invest in her

Rather than just pollute

Cos jesus is dead now

By your own beliefs

Mohammed can’t hear you

He no longer speaks

But nature does listen

She answers to your call

She’ll grow the seeds you plant

No matter

Big or small

She’s magnificent

And marvellous

So stop trying to rape her

Not a way

To treat such

A glorious creator