Suffering til your sick

Sick of it all


Everywhere you look

Someones waiting to fuck you

And your not alone


Millions die

And there are those

With pie in the sky dreams

‘Life is what you make it’

‘Just believe it and it’s true’

The positive preacher

That just doesn’t have a clue


Maybe if they’d been raped

And their lovers died

Their kids taken away

Left with no hope,

No faith or pride

What would they have to say

Would they still sing the same song

Or maybe would it change


A victim of their pain

But what of those few

That step beyond

The filth, the heavy pits

Of bitter, hate

Self loathing

The stench of all the shit

And rise up

And smell the brillo pad

They used to scrap it off

Shining gleaming blossoming

The pain almost , forgot

Sometimes though people ask them

How did they survive it

How could life treat one so bad

And yet you don’t despise it

And then maybe

They’ll recognise

One truly has a choice

To be a silent victim

Or a leader with a voice