In America the internet is free to use.

Here in the UK businesses are catching on and offering people, free wireless connections if they bring their laptops.  I wonder when the consumers will actually clock on to how easy it is to save money.

I mean it’s simple, in any area where there is a large group of people, all people would need to do is set up one wireless router, that would service, the entire area, I’m not aware of how far the signal stretches too, but I’m sure that you would get at least 10 people or more in a small estate.

So using 10 as a minimum baseline, if broadband providers are charging anything between £5-20 per month for their ‘connection service’ and 10 people or families were to share this cost, it would work out between 50p to £2 per household!

And then people wanna complain about bills! Shit, I proposed this to one of my ‘neighbours’ he’d been complaining about his BT bill and I offered to share the cost and the coverage.

His reply of ‘I’ll think about it’ really made me wonder??  Later in our conversation when he shared that he believed in many of the Buddhist philosophies of life that make complete sense it all became a bit more clear.  Maybe the ‘give all, take nothing back’ approach or ‘if there is a problem it is better to do nothing about it’ serves his own goals.

For me,  it’s a complete waste of fucking time, and energy.  On the quest for some sort of spiritual enlightenment, people search and replace one form of emptiness with another.

This is completely different from a conscious, concise effort to clear your mind, as with meditation as discussed previously.  This is more of a find of subtle form of mind control for the genteel types.

When I think of this persons existence ‘my neighbour’ his whole ethos is: it’s ok for me to give to you, but I would never ask for anything in return unless I’m completely desperate and even then it’s highly unlikely.

And yet he sits in his flat, friends with his computer (and broadband provider it seems) lonely and well empty. Oh dear, what a life.

Such a waste of space, there is so much that a person can fill themselves with, that would not only benefit them, but the world.

I find this type of thinking inherently selfish and the ironic thing is that people that fit into this category often appear to be the kindest people on a superficial level.  I mean during that conversation he’d given me cigarettes and some batteries for my Dictaphone.

But as soon as it came to something that we could equally benefit from, creating a balance, which is natural, his logical, Buddhism brainwashed mind kicked in.

I on the other hand do appear to be quite selfish to most people.  Selfish, with my time, my body, my money.

You see the smaller picture may be to help the homeless person on the street that begs me for change.  The bigger picture for me is to facilitate the change, that allows him not to beg anymore and make his own fucking money.

If you were a tramp on the street, or even if you are (although I’m not sure how you’d find a way to read this, but you may be more resourceful than you look).  Which one would you prefer, help for a day, or help for a lifetime?

I’m hoping it’s the latter but then…

Maybe I’m not considering that the hunger pains were so bad, that you can’t make it another minute without that cheeseburger and fries I refused to buy you.  Or the can of cider to keep your spirits up and warm from the cold?

Who knows eh? Christians say when I die I’ll be punished for my wicked ways and all of you do gooders, give til you’re gone goodie two shoes, will go to heaven or have everlasting life.  That sounds a bit like reincarnation to me?  Oh but I forgot, you don’t believe in that.  So fuck knows, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see 😉