Whilst you’re reading this

Right now

I’ll be with him

Watching how


Smooth skin

Looks so good

Against mine

And I’m

Excited already


Ready To be


Oh how his thoughts

They bathe my mind

Not his only skill

Lapping in the luxury

Of us

And it is



And if you were here

How the heat

Would permeate

Til you sweat

You think that you


You aint seen nothing yet


It’s electric

Quite unexpected

Taking me by surprise

But he branded

My soul

That first time

His eyes

Knew what they

Were looking for

The soul had stopped its search

And the pain of separation

Justifies the love that works

For only when we split

Is it possible to engage

With others less fortunate

So the only thing I pray

Is I don’t get lost

In the illusion

Of his eternal bliss

For I’d melt into his body

For my souls eternal wish

Would be fulfilled

And right then

Physical would cease to be

My ego screaming

Save me

As I happily submit to we

And the closeness

Of that closure

Would bond us so tight

As we enter

The next dimension

Exiting this thing

Called life

Then to experience

The wonderment

Of discovering anew

The spirits – who we really are

The only thing that’s true