I was doing my morning blog reading and I came across this beautifully written post.  It led me to some thoughts, especially what I have been experiencing at this present time.  I guess it was in answer to the question I asked DI.

In order to keep the peace

Do I throw myself away

Bury my head

And my light in the sand

Do I change

Or adapt

Allow you to pack

Away things

That you don’t understand

For you like some parts

Hence I captured your heart

But it’s this

You don’t wish to admit

Yes you do build me up

Encouraging stuff

Then you

Rip me down

Make me feel

Just like shit

So do I hide

Do I show

Do I stay

Do I go


As to complexity

I’ll leave

It today

Let you be on your way

And then you show

That you do love me

How could this be

If in fact

It’s so hard

And causing us

Both so much stress

This is the part

We booth chose

When we start

The elimination



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