My blog reading is an absolute must!  I do not spend time watching tv or reading newspapers, I only read things that I choose to, which makes life a lot more enjoyable for me, today I came across this post.  Here’s what came:

Yet again,

Is that question

What do I believe

Yet I believe in nothing

It’s only what I perceive

I recognise

That entities

Do in fact exist

The course in miracles

An example

Christ speaking through this

Yet I am not a christian

And most of what I say

To some may seem


Delusional some say

For when I seak

And tell them

I’m inspired too

They think

It’s want for grandeur

And maybe worship too

But what you are

You’ve shown me

And you give me

Such great gifts

This god

That I do not serve

This god if you exist

For I have always


That each of us are you

So does it matter

If we believe

Or not about you

For I am god

And he is god

And all who will read this

And that’s the part

Within it

That is so surely missed

What am I an atheist

I do believe in me

And that’s the god

I wish for

All the other gods to see