Hey I’m on a roll today:  My 2nd blog buddy of the day has written this post, I think she may have been inspired by this, but I don’t like to brag 😉

But after my post on God, and the conversation ‘we’ had.  I began thinking, a lot of people say a miracle cannot happen if you do not believe in it.

I understand this, but do you think magic can exist even if you are a non believer?

The beautiful thing and the scary thing about magic, is in fact the more you don’t believe it, the more it works!

People that believe in magic, are often very superstitious and can often become obsessed with even the random accidents that happen in day to day life.  For this reason, they are very open to it, and are also careful to protect themselves ‘against’ unwanted types of magic.

On the other extreme, a person that completely denies the existence of magic, will often ignore, signs of it’s presence for fear of appearing stupid.

Because they ignore this magic and seek to find a logical explanation, for something that completely transcends the limitations of the logical mind, they will in fact become more susceptible to it’s power.

If you doubt this, what do you think falling in love is?

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