I wrote this, as I was waiting for one of my blog buddies, to reply to an email I’d sent her, although I calculated that it was highly likely that she’d just come back from a highly stressful day at work, and may desire to just completely switch off, and not communicate with anyone, I found myself having a strong feeling of anxiety.  I notice it’s gone now, but this is the process, however rather than a purely higher level of consciousness, that I would love to boast, I think one of my other blog buddies, gave me the attention I so craved.

Hey I am aware that I may sound really needy, but if you were to read the previous post, which kinda reflects the day I’ve had, maybe you wouldn’t be so judgemental!

My heart is beating

Rapidly in my chest

Hanging on the word

That she may say next

And I recognise

The addiction

I’m convinced

In fact

It is an addiction to me

For I look at her

And see


And it’s like

I just need to know

Although I already do

For she recognises

What is not

And what is true

And that is the


To the blogging world

This attatchment

To a stranger

Be it boy or girl


I recognise

The patterns

And only look once

And don’t allow


Too much expectation

Of that

Rapid Response