So sickeningly selfish, it’s sickening :

One of my girlfriends, who I refer to as a sister are having a ‘conversation’

I know that she is insecure, and the fact that I am telling the truth, is making her angry, added to the fact that I am absolutely calm, seems to add more fuel to the fire, so I do take that into consideration.

However, after hours of endless repetition and frustration (on her part) for I’d stopped listening by then, I decided to share an extract, to see what you guys think,btw I am aware of the lack of punctuation but I don’t care, so please do not bother to comment on this, cos if you do, I will see this as an offering to edit it for me 😉

Enter sisters house:

sis : the place is a mess, I haven’t been home for days

me: that’s cool babe, just need to sit down and rest my head, been driving all day

sis: i really appreciate you driving me to the supermarket, i needed food

me: well i wasn’t being completely altruistic, i’m hungry! I love your cooking

sis: can you help with the bags

me:  i can manage two, remember my injury

sis : that’s cool

……inside house….

sis: don’t touch anything, i know you!

me: (sitting gingerly on edge of cluttered couch) ok

sis: your ALWAYS throwing, my stuff about (shouted from hallway.)…. oh, ok, just a minute

me: is your heating on, it’s really cold

sis: sorry

15 mins later…freezing by this time

me: can i please move these papers and put them on the table, I really need to lie down

sis: go on then if you MUST.

me: well i was willing to do it from before, but you told me not to move anything

sis: well you have to understand, why it’s so messy, I haven’t had time to organise….

me: what has that got to do, with me being comfortable as a guest?

sis: what makes you think your a guest, make yourself at home

me: my home would never be like this, I enjoying making my visitors feel welcome and comfortable

sis: so your saying your home is better than mine, you have to understand….

me: nobody has to do anything….if it’s too much trouble, to move stuff, or find a blanket, I can go home

sis: well that’s up to you, fine then..whatever

20 mins later….

me: can I have a blanket please

sis: there was one over there somewhere, but I dunno

me: ok, I’ll make do with these curtains then, if that’s ok

sis: yeah whatever

20 mins later

me: I really want to talk to you about that problem I had

sis: hold on babe, just watching the tv

me: ok, I’ll just chat to my friends online then, wouldn’t want to disturb you

sis: it’s not that, i just need to relax

me: ok, we’ll chat later

( fell asleep, due to immense mental excertion)

sis: wake up you have to move your car

me: oh my god, it’s morning!!

sis: yeah you fell asleep, you always do

me (silently) I wonder why, that could be? hmmmm

me: can I tell you about the problem now

sis: oh yeah, I’m really tired, I didn’t realise it was important, I can’t

me: please, like 10 mins

sis: I’m not even awake, i wouldn’t be able to listen to you now

me: ok when you wake up

…….waking up time:

sis: shit I’m late

me: so I guess, nows not a good time to talk

sis: what do you think, your so selfish!!

me: ummm, ok when you get back

sis: can you drop to the station

me: yeah sure

(in my car)

me: oh yeah babe, i’ll do some cooking, so we’ll all have food when you come home

sis: oh i forgot the gas has run out, you’ll have to wait til I get back

me: (stunned momentarily at the horror of being in a freezing cold, house AND hungry)


sis: where are you babe, it’s raining

me: at the end of your road, I was expecting you

sis: shit, we need groceries, can you

me: i know what your going to ask me, yes we can drive to the grocery store 30 mins away

sis: awwwww, so sweet

me: well I’m only doing it for the food! lol

sis: cool

back from shopping

me: (relaxing and reading blog posts)

10 mins later

sis: babe can I borrow the car, I’m feeling creative, I want to go to my boys house

me: I need to change few things around, not sure

sis: ok

me: its better that I drop you

sis: ok cool

(in the car)

me: oh yeah, what happened to the food?

sis: no gas

me: ok, so I’ll just starve then, i’m sure your boyfriends got food for you…

sis: don’t be like that, I love you

me: ( passed out from, confusion, hunger, and fatigue, behind the wheel……)

5 mins

Regained consciousness, no serious damage or collisions (thankfully)

sis: I’ll make it up to you tomorrow babe, ok

me: ok

tomorrow….to be continued


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