If anything I would say I was bisexual

I am not a lesbian

However sometimes it feels that way

I understand women

In a different way

I have the detachment of a man

And I love to inspire women

And tell them they can

I love to watch a woman

In all ways

I love the choice

She makes

How her femininity is displayed

I love her softness

I love her touch

I love her patience

No need to rush

I love the way that she is designed

I love true women

All the time

The more I meet

‘Perfect men’

The less that I consider them

For they try to control

All that I am

And how could they understand me

Like a woman can

So maybe it’s a woman

That I do seek

A true partner

To compliment and complete

The picture we would both create

I am not a lesbian

Yet my heart aches…

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