Another comment by dl, in response to this post, I posted earlier, made me feel a bit insulted, but that’s fine.

You can view the comment by itself, but basically, it was a compliment

‘Everything, but the name of your site is nice…’

Hmmm, shouldn’t I just be grateful, that a person has taken the time out to view my site and be inspired by it…. well I am grateful.

So what is the problem then?

My gratitude and appreciation has nothing to do with the feeling that the point, of the name of my site has been lost, which leaves a feeling of irritation, because, my home page post, makes it quite clear??  Or at least I would hope so!!  But by your responses, (thanx 4 the comments readers)  I guess it does to some.

So rather than be irritated, I will just share some thoughts I had about that here:


I’d rather be pissed off

Than pissed on

I’d rather

Feel I’m right

Than feel wrong

I’d rather be a bitch

Than deluded

I’d rather

Be whatever way

I’m suited


Being in total control Honey

Not meant to offend

In fact

It’s meant to be funny

But I guess

My humour

Is not for all

So either read

Or weep

I guess

It’s your call

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