On one of my posts yesterday (it’s funny how time flies) I expressed some feelings about my sis and relayed parts of our conversation, which you can view here.

After a good night sleep and some self reflection  (still at her house, freezing my tits off, btw) I asked myself why?

If she is so selfish, why do I even bother,  seeing as we have both made a choice to be in each others lives. Not united by blood, what is it that unites us so tightly?

One word could sum it up: Love, but I would say love and acceptance with a pinch of respect is a more complete description.

As much as I may complain about her selfish streak, and her me, I recognize that she is consistent.  I have known her long enough to actually predict how she will react to certain things.

It’s a bit more difficult for her with me, because I change so  rapidly and shed my old skin, (opinions ideas, beliefs) faster than a lizard.

I evolve and adapt, in a blink of an eye, but yet she knows that and accepts it, grudgingly at times, but accept it she does.

I know for example that her house is ALWAYS cold, and mostly messy: hence why I brought my electric heater (which she complained about, as burning too much electricity)

I could choose to take it personally, when she doesn’t think of me as she wraps up in her ‘warm’ bed with a duvet and leaves me and my bro to forage for any type of protective covering for ourselves.  But honestly I don’t. (well not completely anyway)

I mean I know that I can turn up her house (like now) unexpected, uninvited and she will provide food, shelter, internet access (desperately lacking at present) and a smile.

Despite the fact that she really enjoys her own space and privacy, she will let me in when I need her too.

She values me so much, she will give me a christmas present (the only one I received last year) and say ‘it’s nothing much’

And she always seems surprise at how genuinely happy I am to receive her present added to the fact that she doesn’t hold it against me that I did not (and rarely do) give her physical gifts.

Her actions always show that she appreciates the other gifts that I bring to her life.  She knows that I am always here to motivate her, encourage her, develop her, scold her and at others just leave her alone.

My biggest wish is for her to realize how absolutely wonderful she is and stop holding herself back and then beating herself up about ‘not being successful’

Her talents are endless, but sadly so are her excuses for not utilizing them.

It used to endlessly frustrate me that I could sit and talk to her for hours, develop a business plan, life plan, success plan, fitness plan that she would be happy and enthusiastic about claim to manage and then within a few days later, suddenly drop everything and disappear.

Although I’m a qualified personal trainer and aerobics instructor, she would always resist any attempt for me to assist her with her health goals.

Although I’m a life coach, she would somehow found a ‘flaw’ in my plan

Although I’m a highly intuitive (non practicing psychic) she would always argue that I could not read her mind (when it suited her)

Although I’m her trusted friend and sister, she would always feel that I did not love her enough to not judge her and just accept her as she is.

Yet although this is where she is, I have complete faith that this is not where she will remain.

I love you sis, and I know that all your dreams will come true in a way you may not even be able to imagine, but I can..I’ve already seen you there 😉


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