It often a common misconception that most strippers are single and do not have a partner because ‘no man in his right mind’ would allow his girlfriend or be comfortable with her working in the sex industry.  Common fallacy, but completely untrue, most strippers are in long term relationships or married, however there are a few of us( like with any job) that are single and this is what I describe here:

Home alone again

Work is becoming fun


It’s just not enough

Harnessing my wild side

Is getting kinda tough


Now it’s real

And I must remember

I cannot show how I feel

Cos the men

Get too close

And my time

They steal

Cos my weakness


Yes, I am starved

Of male interaction


All work, no play?

That would be easy

But the interactions

At work

The desire feeds me


I remember

That no matter

What he says

Despite what he thinks

He wont allow it to grow

He makes the love shrink

Cos how could he


With a stripper so

Discreet in his addiction

His friends don’t know

So he’ll pick and pick

Waiting to see a crack

Crying as I leave the club

But I smile

As I look back

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