god I’m on a roll today

But this one caught my eye

I wondered if I should tell them

The god they know’s a lie

Or maybe I should just pretend

That in fact I pray

Cos that makes it sound nicer

Than the actual

Words I’d say

god made no mistake

But he really botched creation

Perfect human beings

Yearning too much information

Perfect angels

Yearning a bit of power

And if humans

Don’t learn from

THAT mistake

Everlasting fire


It just seems to strange

To even comprehend

A god that is this ignorant

I wont even pretend

If a god is real

It is not this

It’s something

More so true

And I serve

The mastery of  my self

I don’t believe in you

Of course I do recognise

I’m then speaking to the air

Not waiting for a reply at least

I know that you’re not there

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