god is pissed off


I am a serial


He expects me to love blindly

And never complain

In one of the books

That he chooses to communicate

He expresses

‘Do not use my name in vain’

And to be honest

I prefer not to use it at all

Cos god was not there

To answer my call

god is pissed off

Because I ask questions

Extremely angry with me

Cos I’ve offered suggestions

I wrote god a manual

That beats his own hand

But god got pissed off

And said

‘That’s not part of my plan’

So I sent it to my editor

And he says it’s great

And now gods pissed off

Cos he made a mistake

For he rejected my efforts

To try and improve

His PR, his image

My god, he’s so rude

I felt sorry

That god had got

Such a bad rap

I sent him a proposal

And he sent it right back

So I’ll sell it

Re brand it

And get rich instead

And let god be pissed off

With me til I’m dead

And then if he is forgiving

Like some of it says

I’ll be forgiven

For my blasphemous ways

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