I read this post and she was flying so high, recent updates, she has just got back from a psychiatric hospital – emergency.  I have written this for her, I hope she understands.

I remember zoe

She called herself my friend

She wanted me to be there

When she did it

Finally won the battle

The fight for life

She’d laugh

Everytime she tried

Then she’d come to me


Feeling horrified

However this thought

Did not hamper

Her other failed attempts

The horror she expressed

Maybe just a way to vent

Viscous in her outlook

She’d angrily slit  her wrists

Asking her for what cause

The blood

Helped her feel it

She did love her new baby

But she just could not cope

I did everything to show her love

And everytime we spoke

She’d hold on to me

Holding my hand

And said she understood

But I knew if she had the chance

She’d do it if she could

And when I read this post

And I know this girl, she tried

I wonder

What the world would lose

If in fact she died

Zoe back home in the end

A mother to her son

Not ever for a minute

Did I think zoe’s

The only one

But here I am a healer

Is there nothing I could do

For if you were to kill yourself

Part of me would die too

I  hope that this will reach you

And maybe touch your heart

I hope that these strangers words

Will maybe be the start

Of something different

Something else

Not the victim that I see

Instead be the leader

I imagine you to be

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