This morning as well as my daily reading, I have been thinking about a particular person, that maintains the principle that revenge for the ‘wicked’ can be necessary.  In describing this to me, he gave an example of a person that was warned (an old friend) that he could have his help, but if he took advantage of that (i.e. stealing money) he would suffer.  The friend did not take this seriously ‘laughed’ in the face of this ‘invisible’ threat and took the money, with delight.

As I do not adhere to the christian principle of ‘turn the other cheek’ I had to agree that in this case revenge was in fact justified.  I hold on to the principle (in some cases) that you should treat a person as they treat you.  Also in the case described, the revenge executed was not a physical attack.


How do you know when justice is deserving

What if within the pain inflicted

You are the one that is hurting

For if we are all in fact

Connected as the one

Then revengeful, hateful actions

Effect everyone?


What of the person(s)

That seek to destroy

Perverse pleasures

In pain of others

Are they a worthy sacrifice?

Or best to avoid

For within the apparent disrespect

Is there  a chance

To exercise forgiveness

And view the circumstance

To see if compassion

May be the actual thing

For what in fact is one

If there is

Really nothing

And within this emptiness

Is this a rightful place

For do we not seek


In order to escape

And yet he

Is my opposite

And he is my twin

The one that I describe

And I feel his suffering


Too complex to comprehend

For could I truly

Destroy the life

Of an ex friend

Yet could I allow

Or ignore

A friend destroying

Many lives

Is it best to do nothing

Will it just be all alright

I am told that I think

Too much

Is there nothing



Within all

Is there nothing


No matter how small

Is it all for a reason

Does none of it make sense

Within multiple actions

Is there a difference?


And what of my need

To try to define

Is this a valuable

Use of my time

Yet the perspective

Of which I choose to view

Is the difference between

The lie or the truth

And it is my love for him

That makes it impossible

Yet only possible

Through the eyes of my love


For he is on one hand undeserving

On one hand he is evil

On one hand he is selfish

On one hand he is ignorant

On one hand he is dangerous

On one hand he is draining

On one hand he is possessed

On one hand he is unbalanced

On one hand he’s too much stress


He is kind

He is considerate

He is fulfilment

He is peace

He is encouragement

He is energising

He is accurate

He is gratification

He is indulgence

He is chaos

He is the mirror of a me

And still I am no closer to the answer to the unspoken question

I do not know if it is possible to ask for your (yes you) suggestion

For is this an answer to be pondered alone

Or is it remembering a truth already known

But yes it is open

Feel free to share

Can you answer the question

If you don’t see it there?

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