What do I desire

Would I prefer to work with him

And for it to be fair

Would I prefer to work with him

And everything we share

Or do I wish

To see what I can do on my own

Do I prefer togertherness

Or to walk the path alone

For i told him

I did not want

The help that he could give

And then I wished that I could take it back

But then

I’m also glad I did

For nothing is absolute

I know there’ll be a time

When what we share

Will be of substance

And what is his is mine

I think that maybe

It was just

Too much for me to cope

But the love that he has given me

Has filled me with such hope

So I do not see regret

And I do not see

A loss

I just see necessity

Yet still grieve for a loss

And celebrate with joy

The blessings that will come

For we seperate for now

Although I know

We’re truly one


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