I have so much things that I want to share with you and rather than spend lots of time, thinking of where I should start, I’ll just begin and let it flow.

Last year in January, I wrote a letter to my self that I posted on December 31st, which you can view here.  Reading it back just now, I cried I’m not quite sure exactly why, but probably I guess it’s because I have been searching for certain things for a long time and some of them I have found, in the process of finding and others elude me.

I spoke of a particular soulmate in that letter, now first of all in one sense I believe that each relationship we have is a reflection of our soulmate and we can have more than one.  However I also described this particular person as my twin and I have yet to meet anyone that fits that description.

I am still not quite sure what happened between us, at this present time, he is choosing not to speak to me, he no longer works as a psychic and he has not responded to my emails, and has changed his number.  I know he is well because he posts videos on youtube and from what I’ve seen recently everything is fine.

It fills me with such a sense of sadness that things got to this point, we never got to explore the territories of a relationship, we only got to know each other on a professional level, i.e. me as his student going for meditation classes with him and then we ventured into working together in business.  Maybe one of the problems was that, we rushed into the professional without developing a strong foundation of friendship.

Sometimes I think you can meet the right person at the wrong time and it is possible that in our case this could be true.  About 6 weeks ago, I met a guy and we had quite an intense exchange, for about 4 weeks it was wonderful and then it just broke down.  From the feedback I have got from his friends and his family he is quite volatile, this guy is very emotional and changes his mind like the weather!  I found that quite difficult to deal with and also his level of communication was not very good.  I also began to recognise that he is quite spoilt and immature and though he has read a lot and has a lot of information he has no life experience to compound theory into practice.

Even during the honeymoon period of our relationship, I kept thinking about my soulmate, in some ways I was reminded of him and I was filled with a sense of sadness.

So many weird and wonderful things are happening in my life right now, my business is going really well, I started a life coaching program, which has been absuloutely amazing, so yes my vision from last year is coming to a reality, I will be a life coach!  I kind of realised that I had been unofficially coaching people for years.  In the near future I see myself doing lectures and seminars, and speaking about my life and sharing my experiences and observations to motivate others.

I was homeless for about a week, staying between friends, in hotels, sleeping in my car and during this time, I was getting an influx of massage clients, I started charging almost double what I used to charge before and I have been getting such wonderful feedback.  I decided a few days ago that I wanted a house, people were saying to me to rent a room or a flat and I realised that with my new views on abundance and moving forward that this would not serve me.  I needed to feel as though I’d evolved and moved forward in this area.  A house represents that for me.  Initially as I had been living with my friend rent free for 7 months and then my cousin for a few weeks, my plan had been to save up a deposit and buy a house, but as my housing situation rapidly changed in the last 7 days I decided to take action.  Within 2 days of setting my intention and making it really clear, I found a house and I’m actually going to view it later on today 🙂

Yes I could just find a room somewhere and save the money, but I am tired for always settling for less.  I know for a fact that by upgrading my living environment I will manifest more money into my life naturally, it will come.

From a very young age, I always had a desire to be rich, but I’ve realised that wealth is relative, for a long time, I focused on the money, but it is actually the quality of life that was important to me.  Good food, free time, beautiful surroundings.  In having those things,  I can feel wealthy now, rather than waiting to some far off point in the future where I have X amount in my bank account.

For example if I could be a millionaire but had to spend the next 5 years working 60 hour weeks in a business I didn’t enjoy then I wouldn’t accept this, however if I could make £100,000 and was completely happy and had all the free time I wanted then that would be my choice.

Everything is relative, isn’t it….

The next thing I wish to manifest is physically  seeing my soulmate, my twin in the next 3 months.  So watch this space…..