He should have known

Really the reaction was inevitable

From what was shown

And now down to facts

Me, extremely passionate

And he knew that

Yet he tried to tame it

Put me in a box

But couldn’t name it

 He tried to compare me to his ex

Never meeting someone of my calibre

A blatant disrespect

Yet, quite natural

To try to compare

So no major offense taken there

However more of the facts

He brought her into our relationship

And I had nothing to do with that

Every disagreement that we had

He’d be quick to break us up

Not a reflection of our problems

But more about him being stuck

Still living in a different past

Reliving painful moments in that relationship

That did not last

Not more of the same

He’d complain

Trying to protect himself

From the pain

Except this time

The pain wasn’t real

And so there was no logic

Behind the way he did feel

And those feelings

Boy they were deep

He’d shout and he’d scream

And me, I would keep

Holding onto the fact

That this wasn’t about me

Quite difficult

When at the time he’s telling me that it is

Completely ignoring all the things he did

That got us to this moment

I’d be like, what gives?

Let’s try a different way

Him completely irrational

Not willing to listen to the words I wanted to say

Maybe email would work?

But he threw that back that in my face

Told me not to bother

And, yes that hurt

Cos prior to that

It had been like I was floating on cloud 9

But that amounted to nothing

If he wasn’t even willing to give me that time

To actually reflect on the pain he caused

So when we departed that time

It was the last I was sure

But then he emailed me

Later that day

Apologising for his words

And immature display

The first time it was easy to forgive

But the disputes increased in their frequency

And he continued to switch

He read my emails behind my back

Plus didn’t want to take any responsibility for this act

I didn’t get upset at what he’d done

I just asked him to share with me

What he’d learned from reading one

That turned into argument number two

He told me that I was pushy

And should accept he didn’t want to

As I write this now

I’m actually wondering what I ever saw in this guy

But I know if I said nothing was attractive

That would be a lie

But not that far from the truth

It all boils down to

Me giving him my love

And he wanted proof

It wasn’t enough for him to accept it

So he kept testing and testing

Forgetting to respect it

And right now

That love is dry

So it’s not even difficult for me

To say goodbye

I wont even share here

All of his shit

But truly enough is enough

And I’m tired of it

They say you can’t help who you love

And I loved a fool

But even the most stupid

Can benefit from time at school

And the schooling he needs

Will come from life

Or maybe when he realises

That he lost the perfect wife

But the funny thing

The stupid don’t see

What’s in front of their eyes?

So if he never learns the lesson

I also won’t be surprised

I take the good what I got

And leave all the rest

Hope he learns to be a man

And I wish him the best