Time ticks

And I’m late

Missed my coach

Oh great

It really was a mistake

For me to partake

In a late night session

Stretching myself thin

Something had to give

And now I can’t really blame him

I knew I had stuff to do

But it seemed so exciting

Priorities loomed

But I was caught up delighting

In the moment doing nothing

Notably significant

And now that I’m stressed

He seems indifferent

He’s secretly happy

Cos I know he wants me to stay

But I’m supposed to leave

As I had stuff to do today

I’m talking about my man

He’s just too addictive

And it’s not like we were doing

Anything specific

Now I’m wishing I’d left at the time that was set

Though I like to live in the moment

Not in regret

So instead of dwelling on what’s already been done

I jump back into bed with him

And continue to have fun