I guess, you could say this blog, is about me.  If I was boring, that would be a bit rubbish wouldn’t it.

By the way.  I do know that ‘normal’ about pages are like a bio, or summary of the author.  However, if you bother to read my blog, then you’d find out, wouldn’t you. 🙂

So don’t be lazy, trying to get a shortcut solution.  I mean I’d really be doing you an injustice if I tried to sum up my whole life in a little sentence.

So read and weep, my dear bloggers and blogettes.  And I hope those tears are ones of joy. 🙂

NB//  Public announcement – Due to the demand of emails that I have received asking me questions about writing e.t.c.  I have as of Jan 3rd 2011 created a brand new blog, that is designed to help beginners create great content.

I feel this will be especially valuable to all fellow participants in the wordpress postaday2011 and postaweek2011 respectively.  Bare with me guys.  Thanks for the love , but I’m sifting through lots of your delightful emails.  If I do get buried under the paperwork and there is a question you’d like to ask me. Please post it on the site, not only is this less admin for me, you’re question with my answer may help other subscribers.

Phew!  ok. So just click on the link above for the site or type in www.how2writenow.com for you’re tips and tricks to assist with success.  See you there 🙂


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