I read this post this morning and I was crying, not because of the words itself, although it was sad, but because I experienced something so similar and I had to write something in response, not just ‘support’ but tell him something that I had to tell myself:


You are not depressed

You just think you are

The psychiatrists are insane

You have lost

Things of importance

Wouldn’t they not feel the same?

If things they loved and cherished

Were ripped out from their feet

Those things to satisfy the soul

That make them feel complete


But they do not believe

In the soul

Categorising humans

Is their only goal

They see the human

Not the being

And the diagnosis

Is their ego’s feeding

For it proves

That their bias yes is true

They do

Experiment on you


They told me

I was crazy

When I told them I was a writer

I told them to go online

They sat there eyes glazed over

But not one of them took the time

To act on my words

For they believed

It was

Delusions of grandeur I had

And in my frustration

To their ignorance


Then told me I was bad


My refusal

To take

Their medication


To relax my mind

6 men rushing in



Their actions




Left in isolation

Screaming in rage

For a rape

That was

Worse than sex

They’d then


In fact

I hadn’t yet learned

My lesson yet


So I learned to lie

To them

Keeping the truth

In my mind

I told them

I believed they was right


They listened to me

Now that I

Did not put up a fight


I swallowed the pills

That made me sick

And forced myself

To vomit them back

Then suddenly

They saw

I was better than before

So tell me

How is that?


I retreated in myself

All I did was write


To express my rage

The psychiatrists


Then they were very pleased

That they had now noticed a change


I was free to go

But of course

I must

Take medication

To make my mind strong

I took the packet

And smiled

Like an innocent child

Disposed of it

When I was gone


You’re going to relapse

Again and again

This medication is for you

I do disagree

And now I am free

I certainly

Am going to SUE!!!