I almost partly did this

As a test of my speed

I wanted to write this poem for a while

For a friend to read

Kind of a reaction

To what he’d expressed

He seemed saddened

To learn I’d worked as a stripper

And I imagine he wasn’t impressed

Not saying that he was judgemental

For I didn’t get that sense

More that he valued me

And really it was like a compliment

He sees a lot going on for me

So with that being the case

Why would I seek employment

Where I am mainly a body

Did I feel like just a piece of meat?

A question I get asked a lot

So I thought I’d write and address a few things

Or at least give it a shot

Stripping to me is like an art

And indulging in the practice

Was a journey for my heart

I remember the first day

Speaking to the other girls

They were cautious

As they welcomed me to their world

You wont enjoy it for long

They shared

After a while

You’ll start to hate men

Be prepared!

But 5 years later

And I’m still loving men

Not jaded in the slightest

In fact if anything

I’m more biased

The other way

I have more male friendships

And that works ok

But back to stripping

I remember how I started

I had a dream

And I saw myself

In a club

And it seemed extreme

But I didn’t think twice

I went and I auditioned

And it felt so right

I loved being on stage

How I love to entertain

And I’m completely comfortable with my body

So I can stand naked with no shame

It felt so free

And through the process of experiences

I discovered another me

I became more confident

With being sexually appealing

I learnt what men want and what they say

Can have a totally different meaning

It expanded my mind

For I had judgements too

But the biggest thing it taught me

Was that how you feel is up to you

There were times I felt guilty

Because of others projections

So I’d always be drawn to go back in

Until I challenged my ideas

And recognised

That expression of sexuality

Is not a sin

For one person

Whose situation

May differ greatly from my own

They may be unhappy with

Their decision to exotically dance

Yet with all the good times

And how happy I was

I’m glad that I gave it a chance

It made me better at sales

Better at business

Better at charging for my time

I was a light in the darkness

And it gave me the chance to shine

There are other things

I will share

In more detail

At a later date

But the biggest lesson for me

Was the fact

That you experience what you create!