I hate you god
Cos you didn’t tell me why
Or what, or even
How to die
I would have taken
But then you made me live
You told me
I was useful
I had some more to give
I’m drowning in
They said
I worship Satan too
I know what Satan means
But where the hell are you
The devil is a liar
The christians would claim
But I think you
And lucifer
Are one and the same
In fact
You don’t have the balls
To rear your ugly head
So I’ve reached the conclusion
That in fact
god is dead
You gave in to
Other forces
And now the devil jokes
Because he speaks
Pretending to be you
And they think it’s you that spoke
He doesn’t need to tell them
For they would not believe
For believing in
‘this’ Satan
They already are decieved
And you know
And I know
But they
Just do not
I’m still waiting for your answer
Have you FORGOT
Why don’t you tell your followers
How they can sell their soul
I forgot
You’re more interested
In your ‘subtle’ mind control
If you were really there
You should just strike me dead
But you wouldn’t even grant me that
It’s suicide instead!
But guess what
I will live
But I’ll speak
Without no shame
And expose the lies for truth
Conducted in your name
The death
The war
The misery
The bitter foolish fight
Each segment of your followers
Claiming that they’re right
So guess what god
It’s over
I’m an atheist
Prooving to the foolish world
That you don’t exist

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