That bitch you love to hate

The one that told you

That stuff

I tell you it’s love

Yet it feels so tough

Yet even god

Does not get away

With being forced

To listen

To what I have to say

Why did you kill my mum

They said it was your will

Well I want her back

She’s needed

With me still

Why did you let

My first love get sick

Why you do so many things

That make me feel like shit

Why do you hate the devil

If you did create him

Wasn’t he your angel

So why did you forsake him

Why did you tell adam

To not eat from a tree

Don’t you know

This goes against

Human psychology

Forbidden fruit

Is tempting

But if your god you’d know

So why do you do these things

Your face you do not show

I think that maybe you’re afraid

Cos you don’t sound very nice

I can’t believe these people

That sit and ask you for advice

My brother, he believes in you

Every day he prays

Not once he has got a reply

At this I am amazed

For when I try to ignore him

He almost has a fit

But god can do what he wants

Yeah sure that explains it

There will be more

And more will come

I have so much to express

I know you will not answer me

But now it’s off my chest