After getting teased by my mates about being really boring, for deciding to stay in for the new year.  I decided the least I could do, was share the festive love. 😉

Holiday Hangover

Hoping next year will be different

Resolutions that you will change

Yet isn’t it quite significant

You’re still doing more of the same

You’ve got to be out for that countdown

In alcohol induced states


Oh how you do celebrate

It’s happy, it joyful it’s merry


You wake up to January fucked

That’s why me

I stay home and write this

I don’t like hangovers much

Each to their own

But for me though

I start as I mean to go on

Yet when I share this

With some friends

They act as if

Somehow is wrong

Ignorant, me?

Not judgemental

All should do as they please

Now I’ve taken the time out to write this

All I’m hoping is that

You do please read

Hope YOU had fun