He is on his way

And I could never reveal who he is

And he won’t necessarily know

But I can share with you

He is a guy

That I met through a weird circumstance

And so we spoke before

We’d seen each other

And I guess he got a chance

That otherwise would not have been available

I got to like him

In a romantic way

Before I judged with my eyes

And when I did see him

That one time

I was….surprised

That someone so sexy, so sultry so sure

Could look so unappealing

But for ugly, there ain’t a cure

Well…I did think of suggesting surgery

But would that work for him

As well as it worked for me?

I mean is there a way of saying that

Without being offensive or mean

 I really like ya mate,

But not too keen

On yr face

In fact so much so

I think it should be replaced

God, just saying it

Sounds bad

But it’s the only solution

That I foresee

And I guess it’s quite sad

Because I may choose not to tell him

For fear of hurting his feelings

But without that solution

A relationship

I’m not foreseeing

And the sad thing

Is I think I could love him

And sure that he could love me

What do I do?

I implore you my readers

I am in a quandary!