Are you thinking about becoming Britain’s next top Model?  Would you do anything, to get a break?  Then I wrote this post, just for you.  Enjoy! 😉


Vomiting out food

For the sake of appearance

Her hair is falling out now

But she doesn’t care

Cos she looks so good


The wind blows too hard

And she may just fall

But her skinny legs

Make her look really tall

Just like she should


The modelling agency

Turned her away

Said she was fat before

Now she’s come back

They said, she ain’t got that

‘thing’ no more


So again she tries

Limiting now, even the amount she chews

The acid in her stomach building

As the poor things’ confused


She read somewhere

That paper- toilet paper’s best

To calm empty stomachs

From the stress

It’s convinced it’s food

0 calories, and not so crude

As all of that bile


So she lives on andrex

For a little while


But her brain plays tricks

She’s fat in the mirror

Yet nothing fits

Her clothes

All sag

The assistants look worried

As she brings them back

3rd time in a week


Now she can’t sleep

Can’t quite stay up

She’s in between

Different states


She just looks so good

Despite the ache


Pain is beauty

So, she thinks she could

Just push herself a little more


Cocaine helps too

It numbs the feelings

Of not having food


She continues like this

On and off cycles

Now she’s having fits

Hospital admissions


Until…that’s it…………..


Wasted or wise?

A wannabe model

How she lives and she dies


This Could be YOU