What a nightmare

I thought we got a long

But how could I actually be so wrong

We’ve done nothing but argue

Since he’s come

And I thought I had problems with the other one

Somehow he makes me feel

As though I should change

Or at least guilty about the fact

That I wish to be the same

He says my attitude stinks

And I say ok

That’s your opinion

It doesn’t matter what you think

It’s his first time to my house

So it would appear

That I am the one who’s rude

But I’ve tried to make him physically comfortable

Offered drink, warmth and food

But that is not enough

And he swears that he listens

But I repeat myself again and again

Its’  like groundhog day

A nightmare that doesn’t end

What’s wrong with women

He exclaimed and shook his head

Instead of an interesting conversation

He may angrily go to bed

That’s if he even bothers to come back

He went for a cigarette

I am losing track

Of the amount of times

That I am blamed

For being me

And so if I have an attitude

So would you if you couldn’t be


And it feels like

I’m constantly compromising for someone else

Cos I don’t consider myself normal

And I do not wish to comply

I live the life that I choose

And I’m not waiting til i die

For a heaven

Or some happiness

I wish to attain

It’s all about the moment of now

And at times it’s such a strain

To live in a society

Of people that always complain

Because they’re focused

On what they’re not

Instead of what they are

They don’t believe that dreams are possible

So they don’t set goals that are far

Beyond their limitations

And in the majority

I find their thinking strange

It’s nothing like me

And then people try to tell me

I’m like somebody else

I’m confused

Cos I’ve rarely met a reflection of my self