Inq mobile view

3g often get a bad name, yet from what I can see, they are not only the cheapest mobile phone providers, but they are innovative in their approach.

Their coverage is not the best, but by far not the worst and great improvements from when they first launched in the UK 3/3/03.  Great marketing from the start.

3g was the first mobile phone company to start using 3rd generations software, which enabled things like video calling.  Anyone who had one of those, knows the service was really shit, but it was more about the novelty of actually being able to see the person you were speaking too, even if it made the battery flat in about 15 mins.

Up until a year ago, if you wanted to use a different phone, and insert your sim card into a 3 phone, it was not possible to get it unlocked, but this is changed now.

Whilst 3 does not stock the widest ranges of phones on the market, they do have a well stocked range of their own brand of phones that are often overlooked.

Today I will be reviewing the INQ that they sent to me, which I’ve been using for about 3 months now.

The best thing I like about this phone is that it can be used as a dongle.  If you’re unaware of this term, it basically means I can plug it into my laptop and access the internet.  To get the best data allowance 3 offers mobile broadband packages, that you can buy as credit and activate on your phone or online 3 account.

Durability – despite the fact that I have dropped it about 50 times it’s still going strong.  Unfortunately it is starting to get a bit worse for wear, but I haven’t exactly been treating it with t.l.c.

Simplicity – it’s pretty basic when it comes to functionality, but it has the things that I need. A voice recorder, to record songs, and ideas for blog posts e.t.c, push mail, which pushes my emails to my phone as a tex which I can respond too and a loud alarm clock!


Appearance – it’s attractive enough, not too small (hazardorous for me lol).


Battery life – this is a  nightmare, the battery doesn’t last a full day, and sometimes it appears to be full, when it isn’t as well as that, when it dies, it doesn’t have any reserve to switch it on quickly if you need to get an emergency contact or information.

Memory – the phone memory is rubbish, but it comes with an external memory card, so this is ok.  Also you have the option to upgrade the card if the space isn’t sufficient


 Not bad, be sad to let it go, but I can’t wait for 3 to secure, their I-phone contract, but I hear it will be coming soon, so watch this space…