Again here is a product of my procastination, something I distracted myself with as I was struggling to write poems for a project. 

Normally when I write

It flows so free

But now I’ve given myself a target

It is more difficult for me

I want to write of love

And of understanding

But forcing myself

Is proving to be quite demanding

I’ve chilled out all day

So there is no excuse

But my creativity is not forced

Maybe this is in fact proof

Yes it is easy

And effortless

Most of the time

But it’s pressured

When I try to control that time


Writing with my eyes closed

I lose sense of the restriction

And focus instead

On just channelling wisdom

You see what comes to mind freely

Is the lessons that I learn

And personal development

Is my main concern


But I continue

To search for

Ways to improve

My art

And although this is proving difficult

It’s a good place to start