I’d just like to say, thank you for all, the wonderful emails that I’ve received from my readers 🙂  I’m sorry if I don’t always take time to reply, but I have been really busy updating the blog. I’ve noticed some of the questions raised are quite repetitive so I  have posted the top ten frequently received emails that I get, and put my replies in bold italics.  Enjoy!

Dear (nice term of en-dear-ment lol) Pissed Off Bitch

You are so bloody (literally) full of yourself,(true, full of light as well) who do you think you are, ( I know,who I am,do you?) talking about all of this shit, like you know, anything! (I know nothing)

First of all.  I am a Christian, and I believe in Jesus. (does he know what jesus is) And I KNOW that you are going straight to HELL.  Because this is what the BIBLE (refer to the bible is bullshit for my views on that) says.  What you are doing is really evil. 

I’m going to my church on Sunday and all of us are going to pray to shut you down!!

Xx1 (funny enough this came from an anonymous email address)



You’re sick, you’re bitter and angry and fucked up like the rest of us.  You’re crazy as hell, but I’d still fuck you.  How much do you charge? (lovely)

Pissed off bitch

You’re racist. I read what you said about ME.  Being  born with a silver spoon in my mouth, you don’t know what’s it like to have money force fed down your throat (she’s right, sounds painful) and everyone judging you cos of who they think you are.  It’s hard being rich and white (yawn)  For someone that claims to be ‘intelligent’ you’re just as ignorant as everyone else.  You should change your site to dumb bitch.


Pissedoff bitch

I fucking love you – I’ve read everything you’ve ever written, but I can’t subscribe to your blog, cos my girlfriend would kill me! (it must be love)

Pissed off bitch

Do you think you’re a psychiatrist or something (no I’m far too intelligent for that type of work) You don’t even have a phd!  No wonder you had to be a stripper, go and get a decent job (just, over broke, don’t think so)

Pissed off bitch

I really don’t know what to do with my life, I’m thinking about suicide and what you’ve said about death sounds so wonderful that It would probably be the best thing to ever to happen to me, so could you give me some tips on the best suicide techniques, I really want to get it right the first time and I tend to be quite unlucky.

(umm, ok…I was really was worried when I got this post, because the person took my words way out of context,  I do write a lot about the joys of dying, but I NEVER endorse, or encourage suicide in anyway and am actually AGAINST it.)



Pissed b

Who gives you the right to have 2 men and I’m struggling to find one (god does). I don’t believe you anyway, these guys probably just using you for sex, cos you’re a cheap slut. (quite expensive actually)  what man in his right mind would want a girlfriend like you.  I haven’t seen you, but I can tell you’re ugly.

Hey Melody,

I like some of the stuff you right but a lot of it is just way too ‘out there’ for me.  So unfortunately i will be removing my subscription from your blog (clicking on the link sent in every email would have sufficed)

Pissedof melody

You are the spawn of satan (aha, one who questions, thank you) .  you are a disgrace to our country.  I’m ashamed that someone like you can call themselves British, go home you fucking nigger, we don’t need people like you ( well actually, Britain wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the blood of my ancestors, people just like me – they called it slavery)