Again in my morning reading I came across this post.  I had a few questions and here’s my thoughts:

I get so high

That I transcend

The limits of my mind

I recognise

The answers

To the questions

That I find


At the speed

And the accuracy

I write the words

But then I think

In fact it

Wasn’t me

Not the me

That pretends

That in fact

I do not know

It’s not the me

That repeats lesson

Realising slow

Not the me

That knows everything

And can explain it all

It’s the me

That is nothing

The me that is

Big and small

It’s the me

That listens

It’s that me

That doesn’t think

It’s the me

That is you

And that is

In everything

How could that make sense

That’s me

Asking the question

So I leave it up to you

What is your suggestion?