I am pissed off with the fact

That there is so much to do

I am aware of my potential

And I know success is true

But to be honest

I just wish

I could sit and just relax

But I have responsibility

So can’t get away with that

I’m happy and I’m grateful

With the changes that have come

But the more blessings I receive

The more work there is to be done

I wish to maintain

The current comforts I enjoy

But I need a P.A.

For the workload to deploy

It’s not like I don’t know

The potential that I hold

But it’s my mind that is the treasure

Can I exchange my ideas for gold?

Really it boils down to

The fact that I am lazy

Yet I’m sure if you spoke to some

They’d tell you I was crazy

That reminds me of my book

That’s in the making

So to speak

But there are so many distractions

So it takes time to complete

I gotta shout out to L

One who reads so loyally!

Keep them comments coming

They mean so much to me

This poems coming to a close

I just felt like a little vent

But I’m happy with the result

So productive time

Well spent!