There are many things that piss me off

But friendship is the worst

Cos friends they know

How to hit you hard

In that place

Where it just hurts

Sometimes the ones

You call your friends

Are really enemies

Strangers can appreciate

But friends sometimes can’t see

The beauty, the light

Within you

They may not wish you to shine

Uncomfortable when you evolve

It’s like they’re stuck in time

Of course I’m not speaking of

All friends, but only some

But this year

I discard the bad seeds

Pluck them out one by one

The friends you have

Do reflect

The person that you are

So when I get rid

Of certain ones

I know I will go far

I’m embarking on a journey

And it’s a new exciting phase

And I know that

I’ll discover it

Those friends will be amazed

Disappointing and it’s painful

Sometimes to just let go

But I know that through this process

I will surely grow

And reach the heights

I’ve dreamed off

It’s just a breathe away

And invest in some new friendships

Ones that are there to stay