In response to the comment left by ‘classyrose’ to my Concerning Cursewords poem that I posted here, but did not ever appear on her site, as intended.  I have decided that rather than be pissed on (thank you beach bum), I’ll just be pissed off instead.

Seeing as she has not removed me as an author of her site, I have taken the liberty of,  comparing her site stats, with mine.   In her comment, she insinuated that I enjoy antagonising people with my foul language.  As a matter of interest, I wondered if this was true, and hence would reflect in our popularity.  I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves 😉

Well actually, if she had of bothered to read my site, and if she does read this, then she’ll notice that I ENJOY antagonising people of lower intelligence in lots of ways.  Maybe this, will really piss her off!!  Maybe not…I would guess, that as she is ‘above’ the use of profanity, she will not dare utter a curse word in reference to me, despite the fact that she may want too. 😉


This is a screen shot taken today of the site that classy rose, has banned my content from, but curiously not removed me as an author. Click on the image, to see it bigger 🙂

Ok, now for the moment of truth…

Does my ‘method’ work or am I just an angry bitter pissed off person, with no real value or substance behind my words, that needs to hide behind profanity, to fill up the otherwise blank space?


this is a screen shot, taken of this site, showing site stats, of the same period of time, as compared too the picture above. Again, click on it to make it bigger 😉

So you decide, is there a method to my madness, or am I just MAD??

Feel, free to leave your comments, none of them will be deleted 😉

NB:  Word of warning, this is really directed at ‘classyrose’  and others like her, be careful of who you invite into your ‘home’ or blog as the case may be, people say many things, but how many do, and then act as pissed off as me!

Also by the way, B.I.T.C.H. is an acronym for:

Being In Total Control Honey.

So whose in control now 😉


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