He doesn’t want to inspire


But he wishes for me to write about the dark

The parts that I hold

Closest to my heart

It’s funny it would appear dark

But in fact it is light

For Lucifer is enlightened

And he shines so bright

I could be a Luciferian

For of course I wish to grow

And in the process

I’m not afraid to step on the odd toe

But the person i am

I’ll help some along the way

I do believe in god

But I rarely pray

And the god that I know

And serve

Loves the Lucifer I follow

Letting Lucifer rule today

And she’ll take over tomorrow

You see god

 Being clever

She really doesn’t care

If Lucifer leads the earth

While she handles her affairs

The universe is such a large place

So I’m sure god

Doesn’t mind

Giving Lucifer his space

Every woman knows

A man needs his time

Yet the way the bible speaks of this

As if it’s a crime

That’s why the friend that asked me

To write this piece today

Got a negative reaction

When he advocated church on Sunday

I mean if it works for you

Then i think it is great

But most religious establishments for me

Are just a waste

They’re more like

Extensions of more control

The government governing

The path of your soul

So i follow the man Lucifer

And he guides me to be free

Ensuring that in this life

I am the best I can be

There are no restrictions

To what I can achieve

My only limitation

Is what I do believe

So I believe that I can

And are happy with the process

Be the greatest I can be

And that truly is the best!