Should I see the glass half empty or full

He is punishing me as a child

And I deserve it

I couldn’t control myself

So he has enforced the rule

Of course I understand this

And yet it is embarrasing

I could choose to feel empowered

Yet I feel like a fool


Am I not a child

In the eyes of god

And he is a god that I know

So I wonder why then

Does it hurt when

He does infact scold me so

A child in his eyes

Yet a woman through my own

I seek to find balance

In the pain

For it hurts me

The distance

Seperate from him

And I know

Why he does not feel the same

He has evolved past

The reason for need

And it shows

Just how much I need him

Yet the more I think on this

Is the more that I see

That the lesson

Is to look within

And I feel this I know it

I want just to Show it

But without him

It does break my heart

And it’s hard

To just know

That the I lost control

And it’s I that did

Choose this path
In the dark

I have learnt to speak to him

In the silence

I have learnt to

Sleep with him

In the emptiness

I have found a place

In my dreams

I do see his face

Releasing the need

For physical confirms

I stretch through


As the muscles burn

And hence I become

Still a part of him

Not outside

But then something

Even better

More than before

And is it fear

Of, not sure

Maybe then

But now

I am confident

I know men

And I know

He does not see

The effect

This could have on me

I have been prepared

And in order to protect

He is there

Everything will be

As it should

So in fact

This decision could

Be the thing

That makes us close

And be the thing

That helps the most

For he captivates

He enchants

And regardless

Of the circumstance

It’s hard to rip

Myself away

And that’s whyI said I could not stay

And I meant it

Until I realised

I could not leave

I meant it

But myself could not deceive

For he was not

The others that pretended

He was not the others

That ended


Before it began

He is

Not likeAny other man


It is so tricky

For the similarities


And me

So scared

Of being used

Did not realise

I’d projected

My abuse

Within the war

We reached a truce

Am I sad

No Am

I biased


But I’d wish


I am

I can


I be
I apologised to him

But before I didn’t know

I said I was sorry

But my actions didn’t show

And even as

Abusing the position of trust

He was kind, he was fair as well as just

I have been humbled

In a way

That I have not known

But in the ability to bow down

Shows in factI have grown

It is not that he is better

Or it’s me that is worse

It is not that he wishes

For me to be hurt

It is that

He desires

For me to transcend

And it is for that

I aspire

To be a student

Then a friend

A student is so lowly

At first I felt insulted

But, it is the mastered student

That can then be exalted

For isn’t it the special studentThat the master loves

Bruce lee and his wife

An example I can think ofFor it is the zealous student

That learns the masters ways

It is within the dedication

She hears beyond the things he says

She understands his passion

His commitment and his drive

She understands

His truth

She overstands the lie

She must know the boundaries

That he must enforce

She knows

That his life

Must take it’s natural course

For it is in her submission

That he will enlighten her

And she may always miss him

But she would not prefer

For him to be another way

Other than himself

And it is her training

As his student

That in fact

Will always help

For it is never personal

It is just the way

The master and the student

That interchange

Each day

For one master of one thing

Is not a master of all

And the student is the master

So she does not feel so small

And because she is a master

She happily bows her head

To her master

And her student

In her life and in her bed

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