In response to my previous post, Kevin who will probably be guest posting here very soon, left a comment I recognised that I had many things that I wished to address, so rather than just respond directly I have created this post.  You can check out his blog here as well:

There are times when a friend can agree to disagree

But how do I know if this is really for me

Kev told me his friends would never let him starve

But what if his friends were emotionally scarred

For this friend I described in my previous post

She treated me like dirt

But she hates herself the most

So how can she love me

If she does not love herself

For in her actions

I do see

She’s crying out for help

She was a friend

When I needed her

But not when I did not

She needed to be needed

So our friendship

She forgot

For when the need was gone

There really was

Nothing left

And that was

The truth she knew

And why she was upset

What if Kevin

Didn’t see himself

As having BPD

Maybe he

Wouldn’t need his friends

And maybe he’d be free

For sickness

Does create a bond

Like one some may never know

But it’s imperative

To release the bonds

In order to grow

We were sick together

This friend

That I described

But when I evolved past that

Is when our friendship died

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